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We at KiranTechnologies understand that business process outsourcing is a key factor in increasing the overall productivity, quality, and cost effectiveness of your organization. While bringing global quality and comparative cost-advantage to the table, we are extremely committed to add tangible value to your business.
KiranTechnologies has engaged with customers across the world and consistently delivered the benefits of outsourcing to its clients. Our emphasis on processes and commitment to delivering world- class cost-effective software solutions gives us a unique competitive advantage over other players in the market.

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  Web Application Development

The World Wide Web is a new paradigm, one we only know too well. Over the last several years, we have participated in the evolution of the web, and have designed and developed websites for many businesses - websites that have been critical of their success.

What makes for a successful website? Beyond sizzling graphics, hot technologies like PHP or Java or ASP, or elaborate storefronts, successful websites are characterized by thoughtful design tailored to fit the business needs of the client.

We apply the time-tested methodologies and processes of our software development lifecycle to web application development. We ask questions. We listen. We understand your business. And we then go about our job.



  Custom software development

At KiranTechnologies, we are proud to have worked on a wide variety of software development projects, for a vast number of global customers. Our expertise truly lies in
our cross-domain knowledge – this gives us a crucial edge over "expert" competitors with a narrow focus on some areas.

KiranTechnologies expertise comes to the fore beyond coding in areas as diverse as Product Lifecycle Management, Quality Management



  Website design
At Kirantechnologies, we believe that the key to an effective website is the design. We begin by finding out everything we need to know about your business, your business objectives and chalk out a content strategy. Once the content has been outlined, we design our website to effectively organize the content so that your customer can reach the desired web page easily. In short, we make sure that your website is interactive, dynamic and engaging. At TLI Software every website we develop is unique because each website is the logical result of a unique thought process tailored for your business. Our strategy is based on how to leverage our technology expertise to achieve your business objectives through your website.
 PHP web development
Kiran Technologies has extensive experience developing applications in PHP. Deep understanding of PHP based frameworks and templating systems,Proficient in open source like Oscommerce, Joomla, Drupal etc, Expertise in developing tools,Extensive understanding of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).
 Dotnet development

Kiran Technologies has extensive experience developing Client/ web applications in DOTNET. It has successfully rolled out several DOTNET applications from its India based development center.

Advantages of working with Kiran Technologies

Deep understanding of DOTNET frameworks and templating systems.
Proficient in DOTNET Technologies like,, C# etc.
Extensive understanding of IIS,Sql server 2008 etc.
Our team not just builds applications but ensures that they work correctly throughout their lifecycle
Team's compliance with good practices significantly increases both efficiency and quality of the software product

  Web hosting

kirantechnologies India is a trustworthy company, providing world class services regarding web hosting and web space. We have been offering optimum quality web site hosting services to 500's of companies coming from all around the globe. As a reliable and experienced web host, we offer completely secure and cost-effective web hosting solutions. Backed by years of experience and having a large number of proficient professionals, kirantechnologies believes in providing truly world class website hosting, domain hosting and domain name hosting services.

In addition to web page hosting and web hosting services, we also provide excellent domain registration hosting and dedicated web server hosting services. In our domain registration hosting services, we assist our customers in finding their domain name as per their preferences and requirements. Having a team of talented & experienced professionals and state of the art infrastructure, today, kirantechnologies India stands at the forefront when it comes to providing world class server hosting services at affordable prices.

 E-commerce solutions
Do you have a product or service that needs a new lease of life from traditional, face-to-face selling techniques? If yes, then e-commerce is the answer for you. Simply put, e-commerce (electronic commerce) refers to the process of carrying out business transactions over the internet. E-commerce empowers your business using your company website to sell your products, carry out business-to-business (B2B) transactions, send personalized e-mails to your customer, and maintain reusable customer information. e-commerce offers a unique value proposition by using the internet to reach out to customers across all geographies. Additionally, e-commerce is also a very efficient and cost-effective proposition that allows you conduct multiple transactions simultaneously through the internet.
 CMS solution
Kirantechnologies Web-based easily configurable content management solutions that lets you manage your online content without the help of a Web administrator.

CMS Services includes:

Page Manager Text Editor FAQs
Contact News Forum
Chat Polls Newsletter
Testimonial Manager

 Full Time Technical Recources
At Kiran Technologies we tap into the vast and diverse technical resource pool available to serve your business needs by providing dedicated IT staffing solutions for your software services requirements.
 Software Development
Based on our extensive experience, we have honed the software development lifecycle to an art. This, coupled with our expertise across domains, technologies and applications, guarantees project success. Our methodology ensures a very flexible model for software development. We know all too well that no design is ever set in stone – business requirements may change by the minute, details often emerge even through implementation and changes may be required at any step for the product to truly match your unique needs. The highly skilled personnel at our Offshore Development Center in Bangalore, India, have the expertise to navigate through these kinds of flux, and deliver a superior
end-product tailored exactly to meet your business requirements.


Benefits of Engaging with Us
Cost Effective Offshore Pricing
Highly Qualified Resources
Client Focus
On-time Delivery of Projects
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Sochool/College Mgt.
HRMS & payroll
Payment gateway int.
Tele Verification info.
Credit Card recovery
Medical Stores info.
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Solutions and Services
Web application dev.
Custom software dev.
Website design
PHP web development
Dotnet development
Web hosting
E-commerce solutions
CMS solution
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Payment gateway intigration for two reputated engg. colleges to make easy fee payment via web portel.
Developed a e- fileing system for govt. offices to store their data,documents & scanned doc.
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